Thursday, 28 June 2012

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

When I started writing blogs I didn't use to introduce the topics until one students told me he would have liked to know what my experience was regarding one topic. That's when I decided I should write posts myself, instead of just asking you to write things...

Sometimes it's difficult to find things to say, specially when students vote for topics such as football, sports, or videogames... things I hate!

Personally, I think having a blog is a really useful tool for learning English. First you are forced to write. Also, you can ask your teacher for help and advice, which is very useful for improving and learning. Additionally, you read what your classmates' write and leave comments, which is a way of interacting.

In my experience working with blogs, I have seen how students improve, provided they ask for help during the lab sessions, and provided they use the dictionary and not the translator (¬¬). Students don't usually understand the difference between using one or the other... pity! Because they are extremely different. Besides, any teacher can tell when a student has used a translator, because the texts look fake and Spanish like...

What do you think of this blogging experience? Think about it because that's what you will have to write about today.

In your entry you can mention:

- Did you enjoy it? Why? Why not?
- Do you think you improved your English? Why? How?
- Give your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in the English class.

- Minimum 200 words
- Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

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