Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Place I Love

This is my old bedroom

If I could choose one place in the world that I really like I would have to choose my bedroom. Seriously, I know it’s not really original and stuff, but whenever I feel uncomfortable somewhere I dream of coming home and resting in my bed, so I guess that means something, right?
My bedroom is very big and I have many things in it. I have a TV, my computer, my books, my CDs and music players, so it is a fun place to be. Also, I have a heater and a fan, so it’s suitable for any season. The only thing it does not have is a cooker. I think if I had a cooker it would be the perfect bedroom, although it would smell like food and it would be kind of disgusting in a way. But still, it would be an even better place to be, I think. I spend lots of time in my bedroom, I have everything I need in it and I can study there or do leisure activities when I want to.

What about you? Do you have a favourite place in the world? It could be a place in your house or a place you used to visit when you were little that is full of nice memories. It could also be a place you spend a lot of time now. Whichever place it is, tell us about it ;)

In your post you can include:

- the reason why you like this place
- what you can do or use to do there
- a descripction of the place
- the reason why it means something to you
- etc.

Write at least 180 words.
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