Thursday, 19 April 2012

Atrocity Exhibition

I have been to a few concerts that have been really important for me (and I meant REALLY), for example the two by Radiohead and the four by Morrissey I've been to. However, one of the shows I have enjoyed most in my whole freaking life was Jarvis Cocker’s. That show was amazing, mostly because the guy is amazing. He’s funny, he interacted with people in the funniest way (making references to Chilean slang when introducing his songs), and he is just the best performer I have ever seen live. Seriously, he’s the best performer ever. He beats grumpy Morrissey, Thom Yorke, amazingly-cool P.J. Harvey and the oh-so-stylish Brett Anderson singing Suede’s first and second album’s marvellous songs.

Just so you have an idea of how powerful his performance is, let me tell you about my friend Felipe.
When we had just entered university, my friends and I had a study session at my friend Veronica’s house. I don’t know why, but I took a Pulp video (yes, a video!) to that study session, so at one point after all the studying (yeah, right) we decided to watch the video. I think that’s when Felipe saw the light, because after that he wanted to be just like Jarvis, straight like Jarvis and all (though that didn’t go very well), he downloaded Pulp’s albums and listened to them all the time, probably imagining Jarvis twitching on stage whilst he listened. I’m sure he agrees Jarvis’s show was the best ever, even when he didn’t sing any of Pulp’s songs (I love his solo work so that wasn’t a problem) that is a show I wish I had videotaped or engraved in my brain or something (I think I have it in mp3 somewhere).

So, I'm writing all of this because today we have two options for the task, but you only have to write about ONE, just like I did.

You can write about a singer/band you like or a concert/exhibition you've been to.

If you write about a band / singer, you have to include:
- name
- what do you know about them?
- what type of music do they play?
- why do you like this artist/band?
- what's your favorite song? why?
- publish a picture or video
- 120 words minimum
- make 3 comments on your classmates posts.

If you write about a concert/exhibition, you have to include:

- what was it?
- when did you go?
- where was it?
- why did you like it?
- mention more details about it
- publish a related picture or video
- 120 words minimum
- make 3 comments on your classmates posts.

Let me know if you have any questions!!


  1. Hi Miss.
    I supposed that comment in your blog also count like a comment.
    I listened that this concert was very amazing , a friend went and he told me everything.
    Well I finished my blog of today :)

  2. Miss i don't have much to said of radiohead, but i'm happy for you could go to the concert and you have fun. Bye!