Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sing Your Life

This thing looks like the toilet seat...
I was born 30 years ago [ :( ] in Santiago. I have 2 more sisters and I'm the one in the middle, the closest to the family's black sheep, the crazy one xD. When I was really little I hated school and studying, but I did it anyway because my mother wanted me to have good marks and all. We moved a lot when I was little. I've lived in La Florida, Independencia, Maipu, Lo Prado and Santiago centro. As a consequence, I went to many different schools where I met lots of people whose friendships I didn't really kept (with the exception of my friend Veronica, whom I met in my last school, CCP). After school I entered university. I studied English Language and Literature at Universidad de Chile. It took me ages to finish because, as I already told you, I've never really liked studying, so I didn't really go to university that much. However, when I realised it was the best thing to do, or I'd have to work as a telephone operator forever, I started attending, I passed all my courses and I finally finished. Then, I was a normal, not-studying person for a year until I decided it was time to study again. This time I got my Education degree (it means I am a real teacher 1313). I studied Education in the same university, same campus (the best campus of all :P). It was a good choice, because there I met my boyfriend :) although he hasn't been the best of boyfriends lately ¬¬. After that I did a diploma at PUC (or 'puke' xD… kidding!!), and now I'm doing a Master in Linguistics at Juan Gomez Millas (U. de Chile, again… and forever!!! <3). I don't really have hobbies, because I work a lot and I study a lot, so I don't have much free time… I could say my hobby is eating and sleeping, but that's a really depressing thing to say, so forget I said it. I love music. Music is the reason why I learnt English in the first place. I don't have children, I don't really think I'd like to have any... I've just never felt that need. However, you never know what will happen in the future, so I wouldn't say I'll never have a baby, although chances are that will be the case, which is fine by me anyway. Finally, I think it's important that I mention I have 4 dogs. Why? Because I love them to bits!
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Now you're probably wondering 'why is she telling us all of this we don't really care about?' well, the answer is easy, because this week you have to write YOUR auto biographies!! So I wrote mine as a way of introducing the topic 1313. Clever, huh? :P

So let's get to work!! I'm really looking forward to reading about you :D

In your biography you have to include:

- Birth info
- Studies info (elementary/high school/university)
- Family Info
- Hobbies
- Others...

> Number of words: 120 (minimum)
> Make comments on three of your classmates posts

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  1. hey miss, nice post.. i agree with you about the child´s issue.. people always look you strange when you say things like "i dont want children" or something like that, but i think is an option..
    But as you said, you never know!! things happens.