Thursday, 26 April 2012

Techno D-Day

I love technology.

Seriously! When I was little I liked Barbies and then, when I probably should have started liking clothes, handbags and shoes, something happened and I started liking technology. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I like music, films and the like, instead of looking pretty... or tidy... (I know it's silly, but I'm just trying to find a reason here, I'm no specialist, OK?)

As I was saying, I love technology. Whenever I bought something new my father told me to wear it when it's cold (as a way of saying I should have bought clothes instead). And I think he was right (unfortunately), because I haven't got any nice clothes to wear to work (I'm always waiting for my superiors to complain about the things I wear... though I think we should be allowed to wear trainers and our regular clothes to work instead of wearing customes which make us look even older - I know I'm almost 30, just so you know)...

Well, the last thing I bought was a hi-fi system last week. I had to do it, because the one I had bought with my PAE 12 years ago got ruined (don't tell the social worker at Filosofía I said this), but my favourite piece of technology has to be my iPod. It's so snob! But I always wanted to have one and now I have it and I can even play solitario on it. I hate solitario, but I love my iPod so I play it anyway because it's in it. And the iPod is so cool! It makes playlists with the songs I like most, which is like the coolest thing ever, because the mp3 player I used to have, said it did the same thing but in the end it played songs I didn't even know why I put in it in the first place...

This week you have to write about your favourite piece of technology. If you don't like technology you could tell us why (because you have to write something whether you want it or not).

You have to mention:

- What it is.
- When you got it.
- How you use it.
- How often you use it.
- Why you like it.
- What life would be like with out it.

>> 130 words minimum.
>> Include a picture.
>> Comment on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.


  1. Miss, i'm sorprised for your love by the technology, here are things that i don't even know haha.

  2. Miss I agree with you in some parts, and I really think that with the technology listen music is more easy, and the music is more available that in the past, and now, all the people can access to this.
    Regards, see ya in class :)